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Income - Your Greatest Asset




Did you realise this? The ability to earn a living is far and away your largest asset, enabling you to maintain your present lifestyle.

How long would you be able to make your payments for rent or mortgage, buy groceries, pay back a credit card, etc., if you were unable to work? When you think about it, and do the numbers, you are an income producing ‘machine’! Over your lifetime, you will earn a small fortune. It makes sense then to protect your most valuable asset. That’s where Disability Income Insurance comes in; think of it as insurance for your salary. Research indicates that 98% of us insure our homes. 95% insure our cars. Yet, neither of these are as valuable as you!

Article courtesy of Life Info -

Life-info is a not-for-profit initiative aimed at providing information, facts and education on life insurance and personal risk financial planning for all New Zealanders.

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