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Business Risk Solutions

Protecting a business against potential loss of revenue in the event that a business owner or a key staff member is unable to work, is a vital function of any Business Risk Plan.

Business Risk

Should a business owner pass on suddenly, or suffer total disablement due to illness or injury, the usual outcome for most, including the families who depend on this business owner for their financial security and well-being, is FINANCIAL DISASTER ...

Like it or not, most owner operators of Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) are notoriously poor planners. The 'planning process' we refer to goes way beyond organizing work flow, staff, materials required for the job at hand, or having adequate funds available to pay wages.

When disaster strikes, the overall lack of planning means most owner/ operators sink into chaos. I know this first hand, as my own brother-in-law ended up in intensive care, lapsing into a coma that lasted some four months, following a massive motor vehicle accident. Right at this time, he had eight containers of perishable goods on the wharf, waiting for distribution. Unwittingly, he had used the family home as the 'bricks 'n mortar' security the bank needed to proceed with the overseas order. With this 'security' in place and perishable products sitting with Customs, the bank repossessed the family home.

Mike Bate's Story (from AIA)

Business Risk Plan

If this were to happen to you, what plan do you have in place to provide the funds necessary to ensure continuity within your business and financial security for your family?

Such plans include a number of key solutions, including:

In the event of a significant tragedy or illness, how long could your business survive on cash reserves and customer / supplier goodwill, before cash flow and profits are completely depleted?

ACC Cover Plus Extra

For some time, ACC has recommended that self-employed individuals, in particular farmers, should have greater certainty at claim time. Thus, CoverPlus EXTRA was developed with this very outcome in mind.

ACC CoverPlus Extra is an optional product that enables the self-employed and non PAYE shareholder employees to negotiate a 'pre-agreed level of lost earnings compensation'. This benefit will ensure that you know exactly how much you will receive each week, if you are injured and unable to work – whether the injury is work-related or not. ACC CoverPlus Extra will replace your standard ACC CoverPlus product.

ACC CoverPlus Extra

We will work with you and your accountant to find the best ACC solution for you.

GROFIN Insurance Solutions

The team at GROFIN specializes in Business Risk Solutions. We work closely with our clients, their accountants and solicitors, ensuring individual risks are assessed, needs identified and benefits selected that ensure complete Peace of Mind and Certainty of Outcome.

Our customized plans ensure continuity within your business, when you need it most.

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